Where to Find the Rarest Movie Memorabilia

 Where to Find the Rarest Movie Memorabilia


Gone are the times of walking around Jamaica Avenue in Queens to this little opening in-the-divider film material store pressed to the gills with window cards, photographs, banners, collections and what-have-you on my beloved ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัก movies. I could go in there with $20 dollars and leave with a secret stash of film stuff.


Then, at that point, there was the swap meet at Aqueduct Racetrack (consistently when there weren’t races). There was this person who sold 8 x 10 film photographs. He had in a real sense huge number of pictures that he sold for around $5 – $7 a piece! Well the swap meet is still there, however the film material has everything except disappeared. It’s exceptionally elusive genuine areas any longer where you can purchase minimal expense film memorabilia. Because of hard monetary times and rising rents these stores are pretty much as outdated as the things they sold. It appears to be the web has stepped in, nowadays, to assume control over the thing has been a lessening leisure activity and figured out how to rejuvenate interest in film collectibles.


At the point when I want a photograph from the film Jaws, I basically scour the net to track down a spot that sells it. One well known spot for film related things has forever been Movie Star News, even while I was growing up, thinking back to the eighties. They use to sell by “index as it were” in those days (and surprisingly their list is sold as a gatherers thing now). Their stuff is a piece expensive, be that as it may, and their site isn’t extremely helpful for looking for specific stuff.


One more site I found in my pursuits, this one is genuinely new yet is developing greater ordinary, it’s called Movie Photo Store ( http://www.moviephotostore.com ). They basically sell photographs from motion pictures yet am beginning to see other intriguing little jewels on there, also. Not at all like Movie Star News they sell film magazines, film books, uncommon press books, stickers, and have even seen clippings packs on specific entertainers (extraordinary for scrapbookers such as myself). Shockingly, even their interesting things are modest! I’m not going to get into points of interest concerning which things I viewed as on there that were amazingly under-estimated in apprehension about them raising costs, yet trust me when I say I had the option to get a few decent collectibles for me and other stuff that I really exchanged for a pleasant benefit! They bundle everything great and conveyance was quick. I’ve likewise mentioned things NOT recorded on their site and they were some way or another ready to discover a few intriguing pictures for me (I’m an enormous Steve McQueen fan and am continuously searching for stuff on him). I recognize these folks on being incredibly useful through email with fast reactions or more normal film information. This site has turned into my new most loved site for film stock and is a super durable bookmark on my PC.


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