Stun Guns: What Are They, How They Work

 Stun Guns: What Are They, How They Work


How does a stun gun work?

The way a stun gun works is by interrupting the communication signals from the brain to the body. A stun gun does not harm a person permanently; it only temporarily disru .458 socom ammo pts the way our body functions. A stun gun won’t cause damage in the long run because the electricity that it delivers into a person’s body is very high voltage but low amperage electrical charge. In this way, the charge is not intense enough to cause any long term damage to the person.

So when you press the stun gun against a person and deliver the shock to them, a few things happen contributing to their following [stunned] condition. The electric shock delivered by the stun gun will combine with the electric signals from the brain and this will confuse your body and make it hard to move. Another effect the stun gun can have is causing a person to do excessive amounts of work directed towards nothing in a particularly short period of time. This will use all of the persons energy so that they will temporarily be unable to do anything.

When triggered, the stun gun emits a bright electrical blast that is quite intimidating and makes a very loud popping noise that will attract the attention of anyone within earshot.

Which is better? Stun Gun or Stun Baton?

I would have to say the Stun Baton as it has plenty of stopping power and will shock an attacker if he tries to grip it from you 6″ down from the tip-top. Or if you don’t want something so large, go with the cell phone stun gun. The cell phone stun gun is the neatest stun gun I ever seen and it has plenty of raw power to back it up 180,000 volts plus a personal alarm all in one.

How do I use a stun gun?

To use a stun gun, hold the electrodes firmly against a muscular area of the attackers body such as a shoulder, thigh, or buttocks. You will not receive a shock even if you are touching the person being stunned. To completely subdue the attacker, the stun gun must be continuously applied for a few seconds. More time is required if the person is large, or you are using a low voltage model.

Can Stun Guns be Lethal?

Stunguns can’t be lethal they don’t have enough amperage to kill someone. They only effect the regular muscles in your body not the vital organs such as the heart or any of those organs. They just temporarily stun your muscles and makes a person fall to the ground and make it feel like they fell off a 2 story building and they are very confused and disoriented for minutes afterward. Stun guns do not kill. However, on persons with a heart condition or other medical problems, it is possible. Just as possible as someone sneaking up behind a person with a heart condition and saying ‘BOO’ in his ear.



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