Ion Paintball Guns Will Not Hold You Back

Paintball weapons come in numerous assortments and the Ion marker is the same. It has a considerable lot of the highlights you expect however most significant is it’s flexibility. Figuring out which firearm is ideal for you relies upon your experience level, the amount you need to spend, and what sort of contest you have.

The facts confirm that Ion paintball firearms are probably the best paintball weapons available today. They were made by Smart Parts paintball and are for a wide range of purposes. This weapon sells for under $300 and is reasonable by most paintball aficionados. It is made for competition play at a section level cost.

A decent aspect regarding this firearm is its 17 ball each subsequent terminating rate on semi and 10 bps terminating rate on auto. This is a decent shooting rate thinking about the low cost of the weapon. It is sufficient to stay aware of a 38 special amo deal of the competition weapons out there in play.

The main thing you will see about this firearm is its variety plot. In all honesty this isn’t painted on the weapon yet rather part of an external shell. The reason for this shell is to safeguard the firearm and its inner parts. It likewise permits you to switch the shades of your weapon in no time flat.

One more incredible thing about this specific firearm is that it is lightweight. Tipping the scales at just 2.2 pounds it offers incredible control and mobility on the field. This firearm likewise presents around 1000 to 1400 shots for every 4500 psi bottle. This implies you will not need to convey any additional air onto the field.

The Ion is controlled by a 9 volt battery. This sort of battery is exceptionally normal and can be purchased anyplace. The normal is by all accounts around 14,000 – 15,000 shots for every battery. The incredible thing about this is you will not need to stress over your weapon for a couple of games.

The Ion paintball firearm is likewise intended to never chip or break your paintballs. This comes as a major help to any paintball player who has at any point needed to clean their firearm in a game. Shrewd Parts has additionally made the trigger more straightforward to change than most paintball weapons. You should simply curve a few screws and presto you have yourself another trigger force.

One of the most serious issues with this firearm is the manner by which ineffectively it performs with CO2. Everything looks great with high tension air and it’s really suggested for this weapon. For the easygoing paintball player anyway CO2 is less expensive and more straightforward to get than HPA.

By and large, this is an extraordinary weapon for new players and competition players in paintball. You can get it while a tenderfoot and continue to redesign it as you become a further developed player. The Ion paintball firearm won’t keep you down.

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