Final Fantasy VIII – How To Get GF Bahamut


Bahamut is one of the most outstanding GF’s in the game with numerous valuable capacities and orders. Anyway it is a discretionary side journey to get Bahamut and numerous Final Fantasy VIII players pass up the open door.


The earliest direct in the game toward get Bahamut is on circle 3 whenever you have procured the Ragnarok. Prior to deciding to get Bahamut ensure you have a few decent intersections and capacities. Try not to stress over your characters levels as practically all beasts and managers in Final Fantasy VIII (Bahamut included) step up as your party steps up, so basically the more grounded you become the more grounded your foes become. Complete implosion, meteor, triple, flare, heavenly, ultima and so forth are great to have prior to setting out.


When you’re prepared embarked on a mission to the remote ocean research focus which is situated in the far South West of the guide (base left hand corner), you can’t see it on your guide. When you track down a little drifting island, land the Ragnarok and stroll inside. You will see a shining, blue center in the room. Stroll toward it however stop when the shine 5-7×28 ammo  strengthens, not doing so will make you enter a fight with Anacondaur’s and Blood Souls. Experience None and Encounter Half have no influence tragically.


When you arrive at the center you will be given a choice of what to reply, pick “It isn’t our will to battle”. You will presently enter a fight with a ruby winged serpent, they can be very intense so watch out. On the off chance that Quistis is in your party kill it immediately with a “degenerator”. After you have beaten it you will be given one more choice of what to say, select “Never”, you will enter a fight with a second ruby mythical serpent. When crushed you will be given a third and last inquiry to respond to, select the third choice (it’s clear, you can’t see it). After a touch of exchange you will battle the large kid himself, Bahamut.


Ideally you accepted my prior guidance and have prepared a few good intersections and capacities. Start by projecting implosion on Bahamut then quality on your best characters. Limit breaks like Irvine’s shot (AP or beat ammunition assuming you have it), Zell’s combos and Squall’s Renzokuken function admirably. Recuperate with X-mixtures or Curaga spells or Quistis’ white breeze, her powerful gatekeeper functions admirably too in polishing your characters up. His HP is subject to your party’s typical level so the length of the fight will probably be reliant upon what level your characters are at. Ultimately he will go down and you get this extraordinary GF as well as his card (which changes over into 100 megalixers utilizing card-mod).


Since you have Bahamut you are allowed to go get Eden which can be drawn from Ultima Weapon at the lower part of the remote ocean research focus, simply ensure you’re ready!

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