Types Of Pillows In The Market Today

 Types Of Pillows In The Market Today


A pillow is a removable large cloth case that is internally filled with foam rubber, synthetic fills, polyester, buckwheat, plastic imitations, feathers and down of young birds. These materials are used independently or as a custom throw pillows combination of two or more. It is normally used as support and cushion for the head, neck and body while sleeping on a bed, giving you a good nights sleep. Throw pillows, on the other hand are used for beauty and decorative purposes only. Pillows normally come in three main types namely; Bed pillows for comfort, Orthopedic pillows that help relieve pain and Decorative throw pillows for the sofa.

Body pillows are used to support a full adult body size while asleep, supporting the legs and the knees at the same time. They are made to conform to many body positions, making them ideal for pregnant women and those people who sleep on their sides. Most of them are filled with cotton 50% and polyester 50%, making it ideal for machine wash, while looking great after ironing.

Neck pillows, also known as cervical pillows are used as a management technique for people who suffer from neck pain or stiffness. They are designed to provide the much-needed support for the neck and the head while sitting, reading or watching TV by aligning the spine muscles. They can also be used for patients with acute pain on their necks. They have an effect of improving the number of hours of sleep for them.

Travel pillows, also referred to as Bucky pillows are normally designed to offer lateral support for the neck and the head and prevent stiffness while travelling. They help to keep the head straight during sleep while travelling, thereby preventing neck kinks. However, the traveler has to be careful with these pillows since they can sometimes create stiffness of the head when it accidentally moves forward.



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