Florence and the Machine – Vocalist Extraordinaire

 Florence and the Machine – Vocalist Extraordinaire


It is interesting how one picks up on things at a certain time when you need to hear them. This song has been released previously by at least one artist and although undoubtedly highly meritorious as a song, it failed to leave the https://vocalizr.com  same mark on me.

For one it is great to hear a white woman belting out within her range as opposed to the tired strain of interchangeable black female artists going through the not so fresh motions.

I think that it is Florence’s voice, the timbre, the switch from falsetto to full, that make this vocal so interesting.

Although it is unattainable for most people to hold such commanding vocal ability, it is a voice that can be related more readily. Much more so than say, the vocal acrobatics of Mariah Carey that I witnessed on the last installment of X Factor. Granted that Carey is technically superb and one of the most astounding talents of all time, but occasionally her high pitched modulation confines her to the circus freak show, in my opinion.

Nailing the basics is what I am concerned with here and this is where Florence delivers beautifully. It is epic, soulful and quite frankly glass shattering, larynx workouts are not required to mask a poor song. “You’ve Got The Love” is an excellent song and Florence’s vocal is perfect because it strikes a chord and touches us all as human beings in some way, especially with such a powerful subject matter. That is the essence of soul. It is what it is regardless of lifestyle or image. It is epic in its beauty and simplicity. We need more artists like Florence and The Machine and more songs like “You’ve Got The Love.”



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