Davlin TM

Davlin TM

Having designed speciality coatings for 50 years, Davlin is eager to begin the next 50 years of excellence.

Our goal is to assist businesses in protecting their structures from severe weather and damaging UV radiation by offering long-lasting, environmentally friendly coating techniques and solutions.

Additionally, Davlin’s exclusive formulae help keep your facility cool and lower CO2 emissions, saving your company money on electricity bills.

Instead of replacing your roof, coat it.

The ultimate goal of a well-designed roof system is waterproofing.  The use of flexible layers that fit to the shape of the roof and maintain a continuous seal despite movement or temperature change improves waterproofing.

Your flat roof’s lifespan can be endlessly extended with a Davlin roof system that is properly maintained.

Three Important Coating Elements Are Used in Davlin’s Roof Cool Coating System which are considered as most unique characteristics among other roof coating companies.

UltraRoof Primer Coat 900

Over new or old roof surfaces, elastomeric coating reduces ponding and creates a watertight, weatherproof, ultra-tough membrane.

510 Base Coat Acrylastic

Bright white, water-based, elastomeric base coat that is reflective and waterproof.  makes a completely adherent, waterproof, seamless membrane.

3800 Top Coat Sunshield

Excellent solar reflectivity and UV protection are provided by the highly reflective top coat.  It is easy to clean and resistant to microbiological development thanks to its hardness and endurance.

A moisture cure fluid sprayed silicone coating with a high solids content and no solvent is available as part of the Davlin Silicone Roof System.

Our silicone technology provides a better, more breathable membrane with better weather and water resistance properties.

Architectural surfaces such vertical walls, masonry, concrete, metal, single ply membranes, and sprayed-in-place urethane foam systems are provided with elemental protection.

Silicone Coating Line by Davlin

Primer BleedBlocker

  • White, water-based acrylic primer that stops bleed through for asphalt roofs
  • Mastic RoofSeal Silicone Flashing
  • Silicone-based, fiberated white mastic
  • Top Silicone RoofSeal
  • Silicone-based, white, ultra-reflective coating
  • Warranty for Silicone Roofing Systems
  • Options for a 15- and 20-year warranty
  • There are choices for a 15- or 20-year guarantee on the silicone roof system.



Even under the most trying circumstances, such as those seen in humid or maritime settings, Davlin’s Deck Coating System maintains its superior strength and flexibility.

For a long-lasting finish, the Sunshield 3800 top coat dries to a strong, elastic shell that repels dirt and shields your acrylic coatings from UV rays.

Three layers are used in the Davlin’s Deck Coatings system.

  • On concrete, masonry, or wooden surfaces, Primer Coat Butylseal 572 offers a solid base.  It has great sealing abilities and keeps just enough tack for firmly applying a basecoat.
  • A waterproof coating for patios, balconies, staircases, and other walks is Base Coat Deck Coating 600.  Because of its superior adhesive properties, it can be applied to a range of surfaces.
  • The highly reflective Top Coat Sunshield 3800 offers exceptional solar reflectivity and UV resistance.  It is easy to clean and resistant to microbiological development because to its hardness and endurance.

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